Hi, I'm Chloe,

As your wedding photographer, you invite me to capture and share one of your most memorable days and some of your most intimate moments. So, it’s only right that you get to know me a little too.

 I am a professional photo taker, dress holder, touch-up makeup artist, tear dabber and makeshift seamstress. I shoot with both digital and film formats which I think creates an authenticity to each wedding that really encompasses the uniqueness of each couple.

At heart of course, I am an artist. I am not just a photographer that simply arrives, takes your photos and hands them back to you.

I am a storyteller and I take pride in curating each wedding gallery to really capture the emotions of the day. I cry, I dance and I laugh along with you. I romanticise the entire day.

So, this is who I am and why I do what I do. I would be honoured to be the person who captures your wedding and ensure that each kiss, laugh and tear is immortalised.